Magic the Gathering

I haven’t written anything for quite a long period of time… I have been spending four weeks on two astronomy camps as a lecturer :) When I get back I had a friend over for about a week and we had a great time observing a night sky on the beach and touring my home city.

On the camps we have been playing Magic the Gathering a bit and I really liked it. I am not the only one who did – after last year summer camp, the Club bought about one thousand cards! This year we had to create some decks first before we could play. I like this game so much (not to say that I am addicted to it) that I bought its the newest computer version via Steam called “Magic the Gathering Duel of the Planeswalkers 2012”. Before I went back home, I started writing some kind of computer MTG – I wanted to create a virtual table where players could place cards, drag them, rotate them, put face down and up, draw or reveal cards from library, shuffle a library… yes, I think that’s all. Additional challenge is to allow players to play via Internet.

But I have a different problem now. The more I play MTG DOTP, the more I want to recreate this game with all its mechanisms. Yes, I am really unsatisfied with what they did. Why? There are some reasons for that:

1. It is not possible to create own decks in MTG DOTP. The game have some predefined decks and players can only remove up to about 20 cards they don’t like.

2. It is not possible to play with particular player over the Internet. All allies and opponents are assigned randomly. Moreover there is no possibility to communicate with them…

3. Player can not decide what lands to tap when casting a spell in multicolour decks. Lands are tapped automatically which sometimes prevents a player from casting a second spell, even he or she had enough mana for those two.

To sum up, I am thinking about making it (writing my own MTG) my new project. I am interested if I could take such a problem (extended by AI for computer players) as MSci project…? MTG is extremely complex game and so do AI algorithms –  and that’s what they apparently like in individual projects…

Some code of my recent work is here, but it’s really a draft version (and images of cards are not included) and I am expecting that I will have to rewrite most of the it. I am going to start multiplayer testing shortly and I will let you know when it will be playable ;)

About Jaroslaw Pawlak

I have done MSci in Computer Science at King’s College London and currently work as Software Engineer specialising in Java. I spend most of my time in front of computer improving my programming (and other) skills or just relaxing with a good game. I also train some sports but at the moment I am not a member of any club. I love cycling and volleyball, but I have also played a lot of football, tennis and trained martial arts.

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