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boolean in Java is 8-bit large! always…!

After doing some testing and looking for some information on the Internet, I have figured out that primitive type boolean in Java is always 8-bit large, even in the array…
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RobotGame – my first (serious) program :)

Friend of mine has just shown me her first game, written after a week of learning programming, so I have decided to find my first game, written after about 6 weeks of learning programming. I have spent over a week on it (about 10 hours daily), it has over 1300 lines of code and the only used classes are javax.swing.JOptionPane, java.util.Random and java.util.Scanner.
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Prime numbers utilites

I have been solving problem 58 and have found a really stupid mistake in dynamic search in my Prime class. Code updated.
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Bricks3 – Jewel Quest in Java

Today I wanted to show you one of my two largest projects – my own implementation of jewel quest game. I have been working on it September and October 2010. Game doesn’t use any engine and is made using Swing only.
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Box organizer

Happy that GitHub finally works I have found some code to just upload it :)

It’s a little project in Java I have been doing for a friend in February 2011. I gave it up after his new specification would require from me rewriting all the code…
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GitHub repo finally set

After solving some problems and reading many different guides and articles, I have finally understood how the git works and successfully set an online repo. Many thanks to Krzysztof Rosset who helped me a lot today ;)
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Project Euler: level-up!

+1 intelligence
+10% computer’s main memory
-5% algorithm’s computation time
+skill: Hint
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GDC Project Euler: problem 79 – Jaroslaw Pawlak

I have decided to describe this problem, mainly because it’s a bit different than all the others. It takes less time to solve it with a pen and paper than to implement some structure for that purpose.

  • Difficulty: extremely easy

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Prime numbers in Project Euler

Many of the problems in Project Euler use prime numbers. Starting from the problem “is N prime?” and ending at counting the total number of divisors of a number. I have started from writing the class Prime with the only method isPrime(long) using brute solution, but over time I have been extending this class – adding new methods and upgrading existing ones. Now, I think it contains much enough of utilities to share it with you ;)
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Alarm manager 1.0 beta

  • What is it?

Simple Java program (which I am going to upgrade further, this is beta version) for alarms/timers management. It plays user-defined sound at a time set. If an alarm has passed while the computer was off, a message is shown on a program start-up. So in fact the program may also work a bit like a calendar. Works in background.
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