Brief info about chosen projects I have been working on before graduation:

2009 November — RobotGame – first large program, turn-based tactics game
1300 lines of code in Java

2010 September – October — Bricks3 – Jewel Quest game (and a bot player)
over 3500 lines of code in Java

2010 October – 2011 April — Software Engineering Group Project – robot control software
about 1500 lines of code in C++, runtime video

2011 February — Box organizer – particular problem solver
about 1000 lines of code in Java

2011 February – June — Windows 7 desktop gadget – clock, stopwatch and buttons
about 150 lines of code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript

2011 June — Alarm manager – task manager with reminders
over 1500 lines of code in Java

2011 August – October — Magic the Gathering – virtual table for playing famous CCG
about 9000 lines of code in Java

2012 March — Sudoku Helper
about 3000 lines of code in Java

2012 September – 2013 April — Flag co-ordinator (network differentiation game)
over 6000 lines of code in Java

And after graduation:

2014 July — Learning TDD – a set of 3 small tasks to cover Test Driven Development and present unit, integration and acceptance tests

2014 November — Git Commit Viewer – a simple GUI to checkout code or do soft reset at chosen commits

2014 December — Bad Practices of Testing – examples of bad test code, explanations and improved solutions; also available in “do it yourself” version

2015 February — Conway’s Game of Life – enhanced by populations of various colours

2016 January — Map to Object Converter – a tool to convert Map<String, Object> into staticly typed Java object, with no need to write mappers

2019 April — mods for Factorio written in Lua: Zoom Presets, Zooming Reinvented, Ghost in Hand and Tag To Teleport

For other smaller projects/katas see my github repositories.

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