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My personal projects and how I waste my free time :) Hopefully you will find some of them useful. If you found any bugs or features missing, let me know so I could fix the bugs and add those features in the future.

Factorio mods

Recently, I have been playing Factorio again after a long break. A lot of new things added and a lot of improvements, but also a number of things removed and bugs existing for years classified as minor and never fixed. Luckily, there is a modding API that I have been experimenting with recently. You can see my Lua efforts in my GitHub.

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My first artifact in Maven Central Repository

My MapToObjectConverter finally made it to Maven Central Repository. You can try it out by just adding a dependency:


Introducing static typing

As a Software Engineer consultant in Zuhlke, I have an opportunity to work on various projects in various stages of development. Recently I have joined another existing project and I have found out again that we use Map<String, Object> too much, instead of mapping the objects to classes and benefit from all the goods of static typing. I think I have never before appreciated how powerful static typing is, and how much the lack of it can hurt (maybe that’s why I prefer to use Java over JavaScript?). The main reason for us to use maps is jdbi – we execute the SQL, we get back List<Map<String, Object>>. But mapping it to objects is too much effort so instead we keep working with maps. But what if mapping could be trivial and painless?

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Magic The Gathering

Recently I have enjoyed Christmas sales on Steam and bought a few products really cheap – among others I bought a new decks to Magic The Gathering: Duel of Planewalkers 2012.

After playing a few times against the computer (whose AI is sometimes really dumb) I started thinking about playing against my friends and hence restoring the work on my MTG project.

I wonder if I will be able to go together with my studies, MSci project, work and MTG project…

MSci Individual Project

This is my fourth and final year at King’s College London, hence I have to do MSci Individual Project.

I have chosen a topic “Flag Co-ordination around a Circle”.

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Software Engineering Group Project

Last year at King’s College London I have been doing a module called Software Engineering Group Project. I did not use git at that time, but as it is the biggest C++ project I have been working on, I decided to show our work now.
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Sudoku Helper 1.45

I have modified a Sudoku generator so it is now able to generate Sudoku with unique solution. Also, best scores are now saved. Jar file available here. Code here.

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Sudoku Helper 1.3

There are huge changes in the solving algorithm. It now solves 9×9 Sudoku (or finds out that it is unsolvable) in less than 15ms. It also solves 99% of Sudoku 16×16 with 40 random numbers in less than 1 second. The remaining 1% is solved in over 5 minutes, but I have also found such a Sudoku that my algorithm was unable to solve in 30 minutes. If you like challenges and would like to show me that your skills are much better than my programming skills, feel free to solve it – you will find it below. Solving algorithm also now has a 2 second timeout, so the program will no longer freeze, but will display a message “too complex puzzle”. I am going to implement over the weekend a Sudoku generator that generates puzzles with one unique solution. But for now, here is a jar file and here is the code.
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Sudoku solving/generating

Since yesterday I have been working on the Sudoku solving and generating algorithms. Even though there is some progress and I extended my current solving algorithm, it is far from being perfect. I am afraid that I will not run away from making a mathematical description of a problem what does not encourage me to work… So what have I done and found out?
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Sudoku Helper 1.2

Sudoku Helper 1.2 is out. Jar file available here. Code here.
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