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Java Communicator(2)

As a further preparation for writing MTG, I have read some more tutorials about RMI and realised that it will not help me too much (am I wrong?). I have tested connecting multiple clients to the server using sockets by upgrading my chat to deal with more than one client. I have separated server to a different class and when one wants to set a server, the server starts in the other thread while a chat behaves like a normal client but connected to a localhost. I have updated links in my previous post here.

Java communicator

Did you know that it is possible to write a simple chat for two people in Java, including GUI in less than 120 lines? Well, I didn’t. Here is the code. Two hours of work :)
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Magic the Gathering

I haven’t written anything for quite a long period of time… I have been spending four weeks on two astronomy camps as a lecturer :) When I get back I had a friend over for about a week and we had a great time observing a night sky on the beach and touring my home city.
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