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IntelliJ’s settings worth changing

IntelliJ is a very complex tool, with thousands of different settings, templates, customisations… Possibilities are endless, but there are a few check boxes that I would consider quick wins – changing them won’t take much of your time, but it can make a big difference to the way you work.

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Java 8 hands-on workshop

Recently I have organised a hands-on Java 8 workshop in Capita. The exercises are available in my GitHub repository. No matter your level, I think you can still learn something from it. It starts with basics such as lambdas and methods references, through Optionals, until finally reaching various Streams and gradually introducing their methods.

boolean in Java is 8-bit large! always…!

After doing some testing and looking for some information on the Internet, I have figured out that primitive type boolean in Java is always 8-bit large, even in the array…
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