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Sudoku Helper 1.45

I have modified a Sudoku generator so it is now able to generate Sudoku with unique solution. Also, best scores are now saved. Jar file available here. Code here.

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Sudoku Helper 1.3

There are huge changes in the solving algorithm. It now solves 9×9 Sudoku (or finds out that it is unsolvable) in less than 15ms. It also solves 99% of Sudoku 16×16 with 40 random numbers in less than 1 second. The remaining 1% is solved in over 5 minutes, but I have also found such a Sudoku that my algorithm was unable to solve in 30 minutes. If you like challenges and would like to show me that your skills are much better than my programming skills, feel free to solve it – you will find it below. Solving algorithm also now has a 2 second timeout, so the program will no longer freeze, but will display a message “too complex puzzle”. I am going to implement over the weekend a Sudoku generator that generates puzzles with one unique solution. But for now, here is a jar file and here is the code.
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Sudoku solving/generating

Since yesterday I have been working on the Sudoku solving and generating algorithms. Even though there is some progress and I extended my current solving algorithm, it is far from being perfect. I am afraid that I will not run away from making a mathematical description of a problem what does not encourage me to work… So what have I done and found out?
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Sudoku Helper 1.2

Sudoku Helper 1.2 is out. Jar file available here. Code here.
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Sudoku Helper 1.1

I have greatly extended the program. I am afraid that those sliders and check boxes in the settings are not explained well enough – I would really appreciate your feedback especially about this change. New jar file here.
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Sudoku Helper

Many times I have been writing a set of algorithms for solving Sudoku, but it has always overgrowing me and I was giving up. Today at night, without any thinking and planning, I just did it. Ok, it is not finished yet, it is rather a very good beginning – I have done something that works and helps in Sudoku solving, I have many ideas for new features and the most important – I got the bug. Download jar archive here.
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Brief info about chosen projects I have been working on before graduation:

2009 November — RobotGame – first large program, turn-based tactics game
1300 lines of code in Java

2010 September – October — Bricks3 – Jewel Quest game (and a bot player)
over 3500 lines of code in Java

2010 October – 2011 April — Software Engineering Group Project – robot control software
about 1500 lines of code in C++, runtime video

2011 February — Box organizer – particular problem solver
about 1000 lines of code in Java

2011 February – June — Windows 7 desktop gadget – clock, stopwatch and buttons
about 150 lines of code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript

2011 June — Alarm manager – task manager with reminders
over 1500 lines of code in Java

2011 August – October — Magic the Gathering – virtual table for playing famous CCG
about 9000 lines of code in Java

2012 March — Sudoku Helper
about 3000 lines of code in Java

2012 September – 2013 April — Flag co-ordinator (network differentiation game)
over 6000 lines of code in Java

And after graduation:

2014 July — Learning TDD – a set of 3 small tasks to cover Test Driven Development and present unit, integration and acceptance tests

2014 November — Git Commit Viewer – a simple GUI to checkout code or do soft reset at chosen commits

2014 December — Bad Practices of Testing – examples of bad test code, explanations and improved solutions; also available in “do it yourself” version

2015 February — Conway’s Game of Life – enhanced by populations of various colours

2016 January — Map to Object Converter – a tool to convert Map<String, Object> into staticly typed Java object, with no need to write mappers

2019 April — mods for Factorio written in Lua: Zoom Presets, Zooming Reinvented, Ghost in Hand and Tag To Teleport

For other smaller projects/katas see my github repositories.