Sudoku Helper 1.1

I have greatly extended the program. I am afraid that those sliders and check boxes in the settings are not explained well enough – I would really appreciate your feedback especially about this change. New jar file here.


  • added menu bar
  • user can now turn on and off auto-fill options
  • creating new Sudoku of sizes from 4×4 to 16×16
  • new Sudoku can have randomly filled uneditable cells
  • it is now possible to type 2-digit numbers in Sudoku greater than 9×9
  • user’s typing is displayed on the menu bar (in the top right corner)
  • menu bar displays possibilities of currently selected cell (matters only for Sudoku 16×16 as cells display only up to 9 possibilities)
  • user can now change the order of possibilities to the numpad style

Coming up:

  • save/load
  • undo last move
  • <space for your suggestions>

About Jaroslaw Pawlak

I have done MSci in Computer Science at King’s College London and currently work as Software Engineer specialising in Java. I spend most of my time in front of computer improving my programming (and other) skills or just relaxing with a good game. I also train some sports but at the moment I am not a member of any club. I love cycling and volleyball, but I have also played a lot of football, tennis and trained martial arts.

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