Magic the Gathering(3)

I have finished main functions of deck creator :) Jar file here. Code where always (i.e. here).

It works quite slow when loading a deck from a saved file (for 60 card deck it may take up to ten seconds) – it’s because each card is added separately and container is revalidated with each addition, instead of only once at the end.

Example cards have been downloaded from here. It’s a very nice card search, with descriptions, images (including different editions) and really complex search options, which let you find interesting cards. You can download images from this website and save them to the directory created by my program. The only requirement is to name files exactly as cards’ names and with lower case extension (I do not guarantee what happens with not-lower-case extensions, even though I tried to keep an eye on it).

I am going to let my program connect with this website and download cards statistics and e.g. sort cards in a deck by their converted mana cost etc. I think it will be my next step, not making a game playable… Because it’s more interesting ;) And more over I will learn something new.

About Jaroslaw Pawlak

I have done MSci in Computer Science at King’s College London and currently work as Software Engineer specialising in Java. I spend most of my time in front of computer improving my programming (and other) skills or just relaxing with a good game. I also train some sports but at the moment I am not a member of any club. I love cycling and volleyball, but I have also played a lot of football, tennis and trained martial arts.

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